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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: how much does it cost to play?

A: $8 for 1 hour or $15 for 3 hours per person

 Q: Do I need to make a booking?

A: While not always necessary, we recommend making a reservation for larger groups. For special events like trivia nights and competitions, we highly recommend making a booking regardless of the number of patrons (these fill up quick!).

Q: Is there a time limit?

A: Nope! While guests are having a good time eating/drinking there is no time limit.  

Q: Do you run Dungeons and Dragons?

A: Yes! We run DnD one-shots fortnightly on Sundays, get in contact to book your place!

Q: Do you sell coffee?

A: No, as we are a bar, but we do have cocktails which have coffee in them, such as espresso martinis and our signature Snakes and Lattes. 

Q: Are you dog friendly?

A: Yes, however there is a limit to 1 dog per table, and larger dogs may be asked to be seated outside.  

Q: Are you kid friendly? 

A: Generally, nope. However, on Saturdays and Sundays children are welciome until 7pm. Children are also welcome for trivia nights. 

Q: Do you sell boardgames?

A: Not yet 😉